Deborah Driggs Decided that a Change of Scenery was Necessary

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Figure skating figured into Deborah Driggs’ early life pretty heavily. It gave her a sense of discipline and structure that she would not have otherwise had. Her love of entertaining on the ice led her to modeling, hosting, and entertainment business acting.

Deborah Driggs later married and had three kids. After her divorce she sought to re-invent herself by starting a new career. She attained her real estate license and working with “Fine Property” at Jess Reid Real Estate in Park City, Utah. It was during this stint selling real estate that she began to realize that her organizational and networking skills were her best assets as far as business was concerned.

In 2008 the real estate market began its long decline and Deborah Driggs decided that a change of scenery was necessary. She headed to New York and met with the President of Smart Source LLC. It was during her interview with the President that he suggested that if she could sell real estate she could sell print. She soon began working for Smart Source LLC and within two weeks was setting up meetings with AIG, The Pilot Group, CAA, Casa Dragones, Revlon, and others. She was eventually made Vice President of Business Development and tasked with opening doors for the company, especially on the West Coast.

Due to the decline of the print industry, Deborah Driggs again decided she needed a back-up plan and began working on obtaining her Life Insurance license. She accomplished that feat in two short weeks and within only six months she had sold over $4 million as a Life Insurance agent. Her client base is mainly located in New York, Texas, and on the West Coast.

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